Ongoing R&D projects from competitive calls

  • Intelligent Generation of Sustainable Software (GENIUS) [PY18-2399]. Regional call.
  • Optimization and Machine Learning: A two-way trip with applications (OPTIMALE) [SOL-201800108393-TRA]. 2020-2022. Regional call.
  • Intelligent Transportation Systems for Sustainable Urban Transport (iSUN) [RTI2018-100754-B-I00]. 2019-2021. Spanish national call.

Past projects

  • Automatic Generation of Parallel Aproximation Algorithms for Low Power Computing Architectures by means of Machine Learning (SAVANT) [TIN2014-60844-R]. 2015-2018. Spanish national call.
  • Diseño de un preciso medidor de corriente y su utilización en la optimización de programas software (MECO4Green) [PR2018-056]. 2019. Local call.
  • Multifractal analysis of scaling geometries in road networks [PR2017-082]. 2017. Local call.
  • Efficient Cooperative Bus System (eCoBus). 2017-2020. International call.